We believe in unifying people & that a key to that door is through gatherings, music and art.

YOUR EVENT CONTRACTOR COORDINATOR a one-stop-shop for handcrafted events, parties, concerts, and festivals! 

We have a wide selection of unique venues, three different stage lighting, and sound companies from small to medium and large! We include options for lasers, smoke projectors, etc.

We also have photographers, videographers, and a wide array of DJs, bands, and performers, including dozens of fire spinners, dancers, jugglers, costume help, and decoration! 

We also have a beautiful collective of metaphysical healers, artists, and art to vend your event on-site. These include on-site live art to observe or interactive experiences. 

Our wonderful inclusive tribe of healers includes massage therapists, energy workers, reiki healers, quantum hypnosis “past life regression, “ a chiropractor, life coaches, business coaches, tarot readers, cleansing and clearing services! 

We also offer a conscious eats retreat catering with all-natural non-GMO plant-based FINE cuisine.

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If you are an artist or musician

looking for a venue to share your craft

please apply below, letting us know

what you are interested in performing or displaying & 

key dates you have in mind. 

You may also request venue space for any ideas, gatherings, performance art, live-streams or events you have in mind

-the sky is the limit!

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Venue Space