Coming Soon!
The Serotonin Tribe Manor is currently in its research and development stages

and only hosting privately booked events with family and friends during this time.

Our vision has been in the works for over 4 years, and our tribe, forever.

We continue to prepare for a full, public,

Grand Opening of our services and manor and look forward to hosting you soon!

Serotonin Tribe Manor

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Music by Scott Vanwinkle, Stu Shoptaw and Otonic


Located near downtown in Hot Springs, AR, Serotonin Tribe Manor’s immersive environment nourishes the senses on all levels in order to create an experience of healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Hippie-chic décor enhances the historic, natural elements of detailed woodworks and exposed brick and stone that carry the ever-evolving and expanding energy that speaks and

keeps the home alive.


The Serotonin Tribe Manor strives to provide its guests with environmentally friendly, non-toxic, natural, and organic options during your stay, including local spring water and a vegan menu.


We have a team of our tribe network available to assist you in various connections & approaches. Within our space we also encourage healing through expression and art. There are instruments, recording equipment, art supplies and space for expression.


The Manor

Serotonin Tribe Manor

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